Introducing Live.Laugh.Boss


I was slowly dying, living paycheck to paycheck doing what I thought I loved and thought I was passionate about- helping people. I realized that I hated it-every minute of it. I hated myself for hating my passion. I even started looking at the people I was serving with contempt.  I had to escape.


Kris, how did you land your position as a Director this early in your career? What is your secret to confidence in the workplace as a young professional boss, managing people twice your age? How do you deal with the constant micro-aggressions you encounter as a young, woman of color in the academic world?

Friends, you would be surprised how often I am asked questions about confidence and maintaining authenticity in my new role as Director of Wellness. People, both well-meaning and the ones that are less so, are confused about how I,


1. Young,

                               2. Woman, 

                                                                   3. of color,  

managed to trapeze myself into the realm of independent, financially stable boss despite the obvious blocks stacked against me.

What’s the magic secret, Kris? What’s the trick? I hate to bust any bubbles but my success is not a fancy mystery series or a spell out of Harry Potter. My answers to rapid career growth and how I continue to shine and grow every day, both in my work atmosphere and in my personal life are simple.

Live. Laugh. Boss will share with you my tips, experiences and struggles of being a young, successful boss despite the odds. I do not think that I have all the answers or even most of the answers to being professionally successful while maintaining a healthy, well lifestyle but I do hope that this blogspace will be a learning forum for us to grow together through mutual sharing, listening and questioning. All of us have some expertise, I hope you’ll be willing to share it.

I’m looking forward to learning and growing with each and every one of you. Thank you for sharing your time with me.

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