Work Life Integration is About Enjoying Your Life and Having Fun. 11 Tips For Fun Group Activities & Traveling on a Budget

Happy Friday Tribe,

Two of my favorite events are quickly approaching.

  1. The Weekend (Crowd Favorite)
  2. 4th of July (My Favorite Holiday)


I love the 4th of July because it is one of the chillest American holidays. There is an emphasis on community building and celebration but without the annoying burden of having to get dressed up for a stuffy dinner or brunch event. Instead it is all about the 5 F’s. My favorite  work-life integration things:


As the 4th of July is always right before my brother’s birthday (July 6th), my family always gets together for a BBQ. Nothing pretentious: Just burgers, hot dogs and jerk pork. When we are feeling bored of tradition, we like to mix it up a bit and go away for the weekend. We essentially do the same BBQing, and chilling like we do at home or at the park, but somewhere else, like a backyard at an AirBNB backyard or an uncle’s house.

Some of you may be thinking about what fun activities that you can get into on a budget for a group of friends or family this weekend or for the 4th of July. I encourage you to be on the look out for fun deals to participate in activities that will transport you to what made your 10 year old self happy.

Work Life Integration does not have to be a financial burden on yourself or your family if you learn where to look and how to leverage discounts.

Here are a few tips I use to go on as many adventures that I can; both great and small.

1.Book flights on a weekday and during the off peak for cheaper tickets. If you can, wait a week or two before you are trying to go somewhere. Flights will be trying to fill their remaining seats. I wouldn’t try this tip during high seasons like Christmas, Thanksgiving etc.

I booked a round trip ticket to Cuba for the second week in July for only $297 by tracking google flights and flying during the week.

2. Use Skyskanner: Skyskanner has an everywhere search so that if you are hankering to go on a trip, you can just throw some travel dates into the date box and hit search. Find all the cheapest destinations that come up and pack your bag and head on out. If you are feeling really froggy and spontaneous, forget about entering the travel dates. By leaving those boxes blank, the cheapest destinations and flight time will appear to a bunch of different locations.

3. Join your city or town’s Free Activities Facebook Group. 

I am a member of the NYC Free Parties and Events Facebook Group. Through it I’ve learned about fun free rooftop parties, free kayaking events, movie nights, Waterside parties, carnivals and even cruises.

4.  Check with Your Company for Activities, lectures, and events that they are hosting for free or at discounted prices. Bring fun folk with you.

Last weekend, my cousin received discounted tickets to Hershey Park from his company. Instead of being selfish, he shared the discounted tickets with my sister, myself and his wife. We spent 3 days in Hershey, splashing and dashing around the park like children. It was a blast! The best part about it was that the whole weekend cost me under $150 for dinners, brunch, entry tickets and Airbnb for my sister and myself. Now that’s a win for the community!

hershey park

5. See a local show at a theater.

If you wanna see a Broadway show for discounted prices sign up for NYC Broadway week. My favorite time of year. See all the shows you have been dying to see with a friend for half the price. If you aren’t a New Yorker. Make a weekend out of it. Grab an airbnb with a friend or three, camp out and see some shows!

6. Want to do a Paint Nite on a budget. The discounts are usually names of the instructors. I usually try a few generic names like Sara, Mia, etc. One of them usually works for 15% off.

5.  Go to a Dayparty brunch. Want to party but hate going out late at night or paying covers.$50 can get you 2 hour unlimited drinks. Food and dancing at places like PS450 or Essex in NYC.

6. Head to a Farmer’s Market. I love food and free entertainment so whenever I can find a Farmer’s Market I head over to find fresh food and usually there will also be live music and art.

7. Museums and Zoos have free days. Find out when they are and go. Have a couple drinks before hand. It always makes the art even more interesting.

8. Game and Puzzle night with friends. Bring your people together for some BYOB and old school games like Jenga, Sorry, puzzles, Operation, etc. Leave room for some newer games like my newfound favorite Qwerkle.

9. Go on a hike or bike ride around your neighborhood. Stop and jump in the Sprinklers if it’s a hot day. Trust you won’t regret it! 

10. Never discredit sites like Groupon, Living Social or Yipit. I can’t list the amounts of fun activities that I have been able to do on a budget with friends or by my lonesome.  Wine tastings, spa days or weekends, obstacle courses, rock- climbing , ziplining, yoga,  rollerskating and much much more.

11. Go to a Matinee or a $5 Tuesday at the Movies. Never forget about matinees at the movie theater or days like $5 Tuesdays at the Regal Theater. You can see 2 movies for the price of one. I know people always say they want to go at night but trust me, going to the movies early one morning where you might be the only adults in the theater can have its’ own perks. Trust me, I saw Moana at 11am for $5 with my sister. We were the only people in the theater. We bought in some wine coolers and sang along to the music. Truly a blast!

Enjoy your lives, my friends. We only have one life to live. I plan to live mine to the fullest. How about you?

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