I never understood why being a “pussy” was supposed to be an insult. We all know that vaginas are the coolest of all anatomical parts, because they embody resilience, strength and perseverance. People who desire to be successful leaders or entrepreneurs can learn a thing or two about Bossdom from learning more about the vagina.

Vaginas are habitual and resilient:

For better or worse, the life cycle of vaginas are strictly habitual and cyclical. It does not cut corners or eliminate steps when working towards the final product of a successful pregnancy. The vagina has a mind of its’ own and knows when it’s get-it on time. You know what I’m talking about, that “smarting” feeling down in the nether regions. It’s as if the vagina has its’ own google playlist featuring Trey Songs, Marvin Gaye, and Usher that starts to play in your pants right on time each month.  The sexy playlist sends out physical signals to remind the person that ovulation is near and it is baby making time by changing the PH of the vagina, the stickiness, and the scent.

The vagina is resilient because it cannot always fulfill its’ monthly objective of baby-making. Sometimes, pesky obstacles such as abstinence, birth control, the pull-out method, etc. get in the way of the end-goal:

period hari caribut the vagina does not give up on it’s mission even when it fails.

All Hail Vagina! The Pivot Queen!

When the body fails to conceive that month, the Vagina does not fret about it, she pivots instead, resulting in what can be an unpleasant but necessary menstrual period. In the moment, the pivot may feel uncomfortable and painful but come the following month, the vagina is back on schedule working towards reaching the outcome. One-day perhaps, it’ll succeed, until then, it never gives up, just tries and tries again.

Successful people are like the vagina. If at first, they do not succeed, they try again. They define their own benchmarks for success and they find methods to meet them. When they miss their benchmarks, they don’t beat themselves up, they analyze why they missed them, regroup and pivot. They recognize that pivoting is not an admittance of defeat but an avenue for growth.  They do not wallow in self-pity but instead are determined and resilient to succeed.

  1. Vaginas are Self-Cleaning and Self-Healing:

Vaginas are colonized by protective bacteria that helps to maintain the vagina’s healthy PH levels. The bacteria help the vagina to fight infections and to keep foreign invaders out. If it happens to get a micro-tear it’ll heal itself within a few days without aid.

Successful people are also self-cleaning and self-aware. They are cognizant about people and habits in their lives that are detrimental to progress. They cut off haters and Debby-Doubters and instead surround themselves with people that reflect the lifestyle that they desire to live. They analyze behaviors that hinder productivity and work to reverse them. They have a clear and concise mission but are not afraid to reassess, realign or cleanup their current processes to better fit their mission.

Successful people are also self-efficient and self-healing by being critical of themselves but also being self-compassionate. They are consistently reading and researching how to hone their crafts. They do not get stuck in their ways. If an employee or a work habit is affecting outcomes, they do not wait for outsiders to affirm their suspicions, they observe, research and cut-away the negative energy but they remember that the team is a living entity and will need time to heal, so they provide a space for healing and for team-members to tell their truths.

  1. The Scent of the Vagina can be Affected by Diet:

A healthy vaginal PH is between 3.5-4.5 but that can fluctuate based on what a person is eating or coming into contact with. Vaginal PH can change due to semen in the vagina, douches and even ovulation, resulting in a change in the vaginal scent or worse in the case of the douches, a yucky yeast infection. The scent and even taste can change based on things that you eat. Pineapples and other deliciously sweet fruits have always been rumored to have a fruitier influence on the vagina’s taste and smell.

Like the vagina, successful people are aware of information and vibes that they intake or entertain. They keep the haters  and ambition deterrents at arm’s length. Successful people know that consuming toxic vibes will shake your core and confidence instead of strengthening it. Be protective of your essence, your scent and your brand. Everyone will try to weigh in to your dreams, and your business goals. Successful people are careful of the advice that you take from people. Successful people also know the importance of building a healthy Tribe of builder-uppers. People that will encourage you and help to feed your soul, even when you are down or when you’ve taken a misstep.

Successful people know the importance of sorting advice. They maximize useful information and ditch the rest.

Remember, your vision was given to you and you alone so do not allow it to be clouded by another person’s vision for you.

  1. No Two Vulvas Are The Same:
Vulva Art by @jadecastleco

Every vulva has a different shape, color and scent that is unique to the vulva-holder. The vulva is unconcerned about what other vulvas are doing or not doing. They do not get jealous or feel sad because other vulvas have lighter periods then them, or push babies out of them faster than they do. They are proud of who they are and do what they must to survive and thrive.

Successful people are also inwardly rather than outwardly focused. They are unconcerned about what their friends or peers are doing. They are not jealous or feed into FONLU (fear of not living up) or imposter syndrome. They focus their energies towards being their best selves and reflecting that in their work and lifestyle. They do reserve an established amount of their energy to encourage and build other people up that are in their Tribe. Laying the groundwork for good karma never hurt anyone.

  1. Vaginas are Hardworking and Have Diverse Functions:

hardhat cat

Vaginas are the hardest workers! They can push whole beings out of the body and bounce back from that. How many other body parts can do that? Even though they have superhuman abilities to push out and sustain life, they do not limit themselves to this one functionality. No, no, no.


Not only do they work to produce life each month but they are also pleasure havens of love! They love to orgasm and try new things. They do not discriminate or limit themselves to one type of pleasure. They are adventurous and are capable of four distinct types of orgasm: clitoral, vaginal, blended and multiple.

Successful people also know how to be adventurous and diversify. They do not have just one gig or make money by only one mean. They diversify their incomes, have healthy social media presences and invest smartly. They are not afraid of change or taking risks, even when they are a bit scared of the outcome. They strive to be innovative even when that means doing something in a way that is different than they are accustomed or comfortable with.

Amid all that hard work, successful people also know when to relax, have fun and take care of their mental and physical health. They build self-care into their daily lives because they know that investing in their happiness and their bodies results in more productivity.

Viva La Vulva II. Art by Silvia de Bejar

 Please Note: I am aware that not all vulva-holders experience some of the anatomical phenomenon discussed, this post is not to discredit any fems realities or truths.

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