Joy and Peace- One Step Away

In life, we are all on different journeys. Journeys to discover our true selves. Journeys to find true belonging and acceptance. Journeys to uncover truth. To be successful on these journeys, we need to have a positive mindset and be careful of what energies we release into the world.

I won’t be naive to believe that a change of mindset alone will or can change circumstance. There are always going to be barriers that exist that get in the way of what we are seeking. Things like poverty, systemic oppression, racism, sexism, classism, etc. But, barriers are just that- setbacks to get over or to get under. A positive mindset is the push you need to take action.  

It’s pretty simple, if you are looking for love- release love

If you are looking for peace- put out peace. If you are searching for joy- start spreading joy.

But how?

You have to do… to take action.

Joy is not inevitable, peace is not inevitable, prosperity is not inevitable.

Believe that joy is at your fingertips and then begin to put it out in the world by actively seeking it yourself and passing it on to others. Joy is infectious. Do a coworker a favor just because or make a commitment to share a smile and a hello with a stranger passing by. By giving joy, you will also obtain it.


Happy Seeking 💗 💗💗 



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