Dear Tribe,

My name is Kris. I am a Director of Wellness Programming, in her early twenties, for a prestigious college in the Northeast. To give you a brief background on myself, I am a native and proud New Yorker.  I pride myself in being fun-loving. I love dancing, singing, theater, traveling, trying new things and eating. I LOVE TO EAT!  Last but not least, I have a master’s degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University and am extremely passionate about helping young professionals achieve their career dreams expediently without compromising their health and wellness.

With my blog I hope to share with you some tips about becoming the boss that you want to be at an early age. With the techniques that I plan to share with you, I went from being a community health organizer in the Bronx, working for a hospital that did not appreciate my time or hard work, to landing a job where I have absolute control over my time, programming and lifestyle choices. To say that I’ve made it, would be an overstatement considering that my dreams and aspirations supersede receiving a decent salary and working for a college, but it’s a great start.

Live.Laugh.Boss is not a self-help guide. I hope it will be an on-going conversation and a two-way learning forum. I will provide some career mobility tips based on my life but I will also share some stories,  touching  on workplace trials that I encounter and how I work to overcome them.  I am a young, woman of color in a position and field that consists mostly of older, “more seasoned”, predominately  Caucasian professionals. Some of the topics that I plan to discuss are: handling stress in the workplace, pursuing work-life balance, negotiating salary and learning how to maximize your voice at work. I also hope to help all of you to see yourself as the cream of the crop that you are and teach you how to market yourselves as such.

Thank you for your readership. I hope that you enjoy.

You’re Friend,